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Psychic Reading and Dream Interpretation

‘I was flying…all the city spread out beneath me…the sky had turned green…’

Dreams are such mysterious phenomena, but often they have a significance. We all dream. It is possible that we dream as much as seven times each night. About two hours per night is in a ‘dream state’ – the final stages of our sleep cycle, often referred to as REM sleep.

Understanding dream symbolism

Sometimes we are fortunate enough to remember these dreams, but don’t always understand the symbolic messages we experience in ‘dream state’. These messages can provide valuable insights into ourselves and our daily reality. How wonderful if we could somehow interpret the images of our dreams! Many of our psychics offer Dream Interpretation. Call our Live Psychic Readers to start discovering the meanings of your dreams…

Various common dream scenarios

• Being chased
• Falling
• Flying through the air
• Problems with your teeth or hair
• Being Naked

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