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Psychic Awareness

What is psychic awareness, and why is it important?

Psychic Awareness can be defined as being cognizant, awake, conscious, watchful, alert and vigilant. People who possess Psychic Awareness tend to have knowledge gained through their own perceptions, and others’ attitudes. 

The opposite of Awareness is Ignorance and obliviousness. The word Conscious emphasizes recognition. Being truly awake is to be fully conscious of something.

2012 – A Significant Year

As we move towards a higher spiritual awareness the earth will shift into the light. 2012 is significant for more than the Olympics.

Everyone is likely to be affected and the last five years have been full of strange changes, and it may have seemed sometimes out of our control. Relationship problems are important and major changes can affect our health through imbalances in our energy fields. As the earth shifts consciousness the vibration will affect our auras, the energy field round all of us.

Trust your inner voice

Have you experienced chronic fatigue, been emotionally mixed up, or even felt alien to old friends or family, yet still want to give out extra love? If we evolve and friends and partners do not then we may grow out of those old relationships. But that is our choice, there will be many other challenges to overcome, and life can resemble signs to follow. Through everything, the thing is to trust our inner voice.


All this sounds great, but nevertheless it may have been a trying time for many people. Some may still be just ‘going through the motions’, this is where many of the psychics can help by examining what’s actually going on inside. Also, if you look at people close to you to and where things can go in your future, so you will be empowered and be able to feel you too can move forward in the light.

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