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Halloween and Psychics

What are the origins of Halloween?


Sometimes also known as All Hallows Eve, Halloween is an ancient Pagan festival celebrated on October 31st. It is believed that dead spirits roam freely and return to haunt their previous lives. Halloween was also the last day in the year of the ancient Celtic and Anglo Saxon societies. The Romans indeed adopted these ancient beliefs and to this day Halloween continues to be celebrated widely across the world, particularly in America.

Psychics and Halloween

Because the world of psychics is closely related to the paranormal, inevitably Halloween can have strong psychic importance to many believers. Witches are a powerful feature of Halloween, the name originates from the Saxon Wica, which meant ‘wise one’ and they were believed to be able to fly, using their broomstick. Of course in the ignorant religion dominated world of the 17th century they were often hunted down by cretins who believed that women living alone might be witches.

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Pumpkins and Jack O Lanterns

The tradition of carving out the interiors of pumpkins is believed to originate from Ireland when children used to carve out the insides of pumpkins, cut out holes for eyes and mouth and place candles inside them – it certainly creates a scary face! Jack (of Jack-O-Lantern) was supposed to be an Irish villain so vile that he was not only rejected by God but also by the Devil himself.

Trick or Treat

This awful custom, like so many others, has largely been imported into Britain from America, although it does have ancient origins. The idea is that children visit people’s houses on the night of October 31st and if they are not given a ‘treat’ they then do something nasty such as throwing rotten eggs or fireworks.


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