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Glastonbury, psychics, ghosts and legends

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Glastonbury, Psychics, Ghosts and Legends are closely related. Glastonbury is a beautiful town steeped in rich mystical beliefs. traditions, a cosmopolitan community and a taste of tomorrow. Resting as it does high on the ancient Isle of Avalon in the Somerset Levels, it commands a glorious view of soft, green, rolling hills.


Once known as England’s ‘holyest earthe’, Glastonbury has been a site of pilgrimage for thousands of years. Perhaps Glastonbury is a mystical place to find what the future may have in store for your career or money matters.

Overlooking Glastobury is Glastonbury Tor, a truly fascinating holy hill.

Tradition has it that Joseph of Arimathaea built a church in Glastonbury, King Arthur and his wife Guinevere were buried here and it is believed it was an ancient place of the Goddess. It was home to the medieval saints Dunstan, Patrick, David, Benedict, and Bridget. The founder of the famous Glastonbury Festival, Michael Eavis actually built a Psychic Pyramid one year there.

Then there are the mysterious ‘ley lines’, one of which is the so-called St. Michael’s Ley, that is aligned along the path of  the sun on the 8th of May (The spring festival of St. Michael) and can therefore be considered astronomical. This ley line passes through several megalithic sites before it reaches Glastonbury.

To this day, Glastonbury is a unique, almost mystical place with an interesting population of locals, incomers and spiritual seekers. For over one hundred years it has been a mecca for so-called ‘cultural creatives’ and an interfaith town.

Is love in the air for you? Glastonbury may hold those mystical secrets!


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